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1-2-1 & 1-2-2 Training

The reason Foundry Fitness first started, 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 training is still the most popular choice of the clientele, with the benefits of one on one tuition and the pleasure of a private gym combined.

We base our sessions around improving core strength, working on your postural muscle groups and getting the body to work more fluently as 1 unit, rather than a series of isolated muscle groups. This leads to a much more functional fitness as well as a general tone and physical wellbeing. The sessions are completely individual so we can aim each session towards your detailed targets and goals

Group Training (3-5 People)

We all know that training can be hard work sometimes. Group training can make this seem easier by sharing the cost, the pain and the sense of achievement as you watch yourself and your friend’s fitness levels improve together. Whether training for a specific event, competition or just companionship, group training is a more relaxed alternative.

Fitness Assessments & Health Screening

Fitness Assessments are completed when you first start training at the Foundry Fitness Studio and provide an important reference point. They allow you to see the improvements you have made to your wellbeing, and the time it has taken you to get there. They will include such measurements as height and weight, postural analysis, body fat percentages, blood pressure and resting heart rate. These are also available on their own for those people just looking to see where they are.

Fitness Programming

When you first start training, a program will be written for you which will include various different exercises tailored specifically to meet your exercise requirements. At the start, the program may seem a challenge, but as fitness levels improve and the exercises become easier, the program will be adapted by the Foundry Fitness team to be a continually increasing challenge through more advanced routines, to push you towards your physical fitness peak. For those of you not wanting to come in for PT but would like a program, these can also be purchased separately.


'I have been attending regular sessions with Martin at Foundry Fitness for approximately 5 years now. Having initially been given a "taster", I immediately realised the benefits of one to one training and have had weekly sessions ever since.

Whilst one to one training pushes you further, it also provides you with the variety of a constantly changing program as well as giving you the ability to take those newly introduced exrecises into normal gym sessions keeping them fresh. I've seen the benefits with improved fitness, continued motivation and have recommended both Martin & Stuart to others'.

Steve Chester, Company Director

'I've been going to Foundry Fitness pay-as-you-go weekly classes for five years now, longer than I've ever had a gym membership for, and you won't find a more dynamic, effective or fun work out anywhere else in this area.

The pay as you go classes offer incredible value for money when compared to a costly monthly gym membership.

Circuits, Boxercise, body fuel, running club and TRX are fun and friendly, but the classes also push your body out of its comfort zone in each session, delivering real results.

Stuart and Martin are incredible motivators and work with you to help you get the best out of your body and challenge yourself. No work out is ever the same so the boredom factor you often get in a soulless gym, never kicks in.

They've guided my exercise through two pregnancies and a gradual return to pre pregnancy fitness without ever making exercise seem like a chore. They will change the way you look at fitness and health. An intelligent approach that doesn't hit the wallet!'

Kate Thompson, Journalist

I started with Martin in 2010 and he has helped me ward off the worst ravages of late middle age. Regular visits provide new ideas and motivation for my own gym visits, with the result that my cholesterol and blood pressure remain agreeably low for a male of my years. Martin is very flexible and is happy to tailor his service to my needs.

Duncan Black, Exectutive